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Beyond the Basics: Advances in Fire-Rated Glazing Enhance School Safety

The primary purpose of fire-rated glass in buildings, like schools for example, is for containment and to slow the spread of a fire so occupants can exit the building safely. Historically, building codes allowed fire-rated glazing to be installed in applications such as small lites in doors. Codes now allow for fire-rated glass in many places so understanding codes to avoid misapplications is critically important. Modern fire-rated glazing can be used in larger openings bringing more natural light into a school and can feature a variety of aesthetic and performance benefits including force-entry resistance making schools safer in the modern world. Read more about how fire-rated glass can enhance schools design.

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Date Media Title
Sept 2023 Retrofit William R. Murchie Science Building
Aug 2023 Facility Executive The Art and Science of School Safety
May 2023 Campus Security and Life Safety Designing Safer Schools: Considerations for Increasing School Security
May 2023 Door Security + Safety Safe Havens Within
May 2023 Door Security + Safety Safe and Secure at Candy Lane
Apr 2023 US Glass Invisible Shield
Apr 2023 Life Safety Digest Fire-Rated Glass Satisfies Code Requirements and Design Intent in Science Building
Mar 2023 Life Safety Digest External Stairwell Meets Retrofit’s Fire-Safety and Design Requirements
Mar 2023 Walls & Ceilings Fire-Rated Glass in Stairwell Enclosures
Feb 2023 USGlass Syracuse Glass Co. to Distribute TGP Fire-Rated Glass Products
Jan 2023 USGlass Fire Protection and Safety: Industry Discusses Opportunities and Challenges
Jan 2023 Retrofit 419 OCCIDENTAL AVENUE, Seattle
Dec 2022 Campus Safety & Security Building Design that Supports Evacuation Planning
Dec 2022 Construction Executive Fire-Rated Glazing Helps Achieve Design Goals at University and Beyond
Nov 2022 Door Security + Safety Visible STEM
Nov 2022 Door Security + Safety Stairwell with a View
Nov 2022 Facility Management Safe & Secure With Fire-Rated Glazing
Oct 2022 USGlass Allegion Hosts Local High School Students for Manufacturing Day
Sept 2022 Architectural West An Elevated Renovation
Sept 2022 Door Security + Safety It’s All About Transparency: How fire-rated doors and frames contribute to sustainable buildings
Aug 2022 Building Enclosure Multifunctional Fire-Rated Assemblies Satisfy Building Code and Design Intent
June 2022 Glass Magazine Glass the Protector Idea Book
May 2022 Door Security + Safety Balancing Fire Safety and Security
Apr 2022 USGlass Advances In Fire-rated Glazing Enhance School Safety -pg. 34
Apr 2022 USGlass Farleigh Dickinson Cover Photo
Apr 2022 USGlass Beyond The Basics
Mar 2022 Glass Magazine All About Glass & Metals: The Importance of Thermal Bridging
Jan 2022 Retrofit National Glass Association Publishes Resources about Decorative Glass, Thermal Bridging
Dec 2021 Facilities Management TGP Introduces the Fireframes Designer Guard™ System
Nov 2021 commARCH Inspiring Creativity - FDU Animation Lab
Nov 2021 commARCH FDU - Reshaping Spaces, via James Wharton-Podcast
Nov 2021 commARCH TGP Safety + Exeperience - Podcast
Oct 2021 425 Business Mag Allegion’s Local TGP and AD Systems Operations to Host Virtual Field Trip for Students
Aug 2021 USGlass Safeguarding Schools
July 2021 Construction Canada Protection from the Outside In: Exterior Fire-rated Curtain Walls
July 2021 Architectural West Fire-rated Glass & Daylighting: Designing To Maximize Daylight Transfer
June 2021 Building Enclosure The Visual Balance Between Fire-rated and Non-rated Glass Curtain Walls
June 2021 Door Security + Safety Observing From the Empire State Building
May 2021 Retrofit Magazine Empire State Building-Case Study
May 2021 Building Enclosure Steel Lays the Framework for Energy-Efficient Glass Curtain Wall Systems
May 2021 Door Security + Safety Asking More From the Door (page 13)
Apr 2021 USGlass Form Meets Function- Devin Bowman Quotes
Apr 2021 commARCH Technical Glass Products x Empire State Building
Mar 2021 USGNN Online Empire State Building Offers Clear, Safe Viewing Experience with Fire-Rated Glass
Feb 2021 USGlass 2021 Predictions: Devin Bowman: Glass in Renaissance
Feb 2021 Glass on Web Devil's Detail: Fire-Rated Glass
Jan 2021 Commercial Construction & Renovation Old Courthouse & Fire-Rated Glass Floors
Jan 2021 USGNN Industry Experts Look Ahead to Next Ten Years - Chuck Knickerbocker quotes
Jan 2021 Retrofit Magazine Offices: Courthouse Square (p 60)
June 2020 Walls & Ceilings Magazine Fire-Rated Glazing Sets Standard at High School
June 2020 Commercial Construction & Renovation Reinventing a Historic Warehouse Through Channel Glass
May 2020 Glass Magazine Advanced Protection: Fire-rated Glass and Glazing Manufacturers Push for Performance, Security and Aesthetics
Apr 2020 Commercial Architecture Grand Staircase: Carnegie Science Center
Apr 2020 USGlass Required Courses: School Safety and Security is Not an Elective
Mar 2020 Construction Canada Styling with Fire-rated Glass
Feb 2020 Building Enclosure Fire-rated Frames Support Environmental Center's Green Goals
June 2019 Door Security + Safety A Clear Solutuion for Tulsa Library
June 2019 Architects' Guide to Glass & Metal Delay, Delay, Delay!
May 2019 Glass Magazine Guide to Protective Glazing - Top Fire-Rated Glazing Trends
Mar 2019 Construction Canada At the Intersection of Fire Safety and Daylighting
Feb 2019 Building Safety Journal Fire-rated Glazing Systems in Modern Design
Sep 2018 Architectural Interiors: A Supplement of Architectural Record Reimagining Renovations: How Fire-Rated Glazing Can Transform Existing Buildings
Sep 2018 Pushing the Envelope: A Supplement of BD+C How Modern Steel Frames Are Advantageous for Fire-rated Systems
Sep 2018 Safe Solutions: A Glass Magazine Supplement Glaziers' Guide to Fire-rated Glass Assemblies
Sep 2018 Glass Magazine - TGP Supplement Safe Solutions
Sep 2018 Architectural Record - TGP Supplement Your Guide to Architectural Interiors with Fire-Rated Glass
June 2018 Clearer View: A Door Security + Safety Supplement 3 Dos & Don’ts: Fire-Rated Glass Door Specification Checklist
June 2018 Life Safety Digest Preventative Care: Fire Safety In Healthcare Facilities
June 2018 On Spec: A Supplement Of The Construction Specifier What You Need to Know About Fire-rated Glass & Framing
June 2018 On Spec: A Supplement Of The Construction Specifier Tips for Specifying Fire-rated Glazing
June 2018 The Construction Specifier - TGP Supplement On Spec: Understanding Fire-rated Glass & Framing
June 2018 Clearer View: A Door Security + Safety Supplement 5 Ways to Design Fire-rated Glass Doors in Style
June 2018 Door Security + Safety - TGP Supplement Clearer View: Understanding new Generation Fire-rated Glass Doors
Apr 2018 Glass Magazine Fire-Rated Glazing Breaks Down Design Barriers
Mar 2018 The Construction Specifier Advanced Fire-rated Glass Floor Systems are Afoot
Aug 2017 Life Safety Digest Healing Architecture: Role of Fire-rated Glazing in Healthcare Occupancies
Aug 2017 TGP Supplement: USGlass Your Guide to Fire-rated Glazing
Jul 2017 CNU Student Success Center Floored by Fire-rated Glass
May 2017 Construction Canada Specifying Fire-rated Glazing in Schools
May 2017 The Construction Specifier Fire-rated Curtain Wall Offers a Smoother Path to Safety
May 2017 Retrofit Grant Thornton Tower
Mar 2017 Glass magazine Three Things the Glass Industry Learned in 2016
Mar 2017 Life Safety Digest Fire-resistance-rated Glazing Makes the Grade in Educational Facilities (pg. 20)
Jan 2017 Glass Canada Modern Fire-rated Glazing Makes The Grade In Schools
Dec 2016 Life Safety Digest What’s New in Fire-rated Glazing
Dec 2016 Facility Management Fire-rated Glazing Advances Code-Driven Designs in Refurbishments
Oct 2016 Construction Canada Specifying Fire-rated Curtain Walls
Sep 2016 Doors and Hardware Myth Busting: Fire-rated Glass Doors
Aug 2016 The Construction Specifier Seven Questions to Ask When Specifying Fire-rated Glazing in Doors
July 2016 Healthcare Construction & Operations News Combining Privacy & Safety in Health Care Design
May 2016 The Construction Specifier Designing the Doughnut: Fulton Center and the Glass Oculus
Oct 2015 Construction Canada Floored by Glass: Application and Specification of Fire-rated Glass Floor Assemblies
Oct 2015 Glass Magazine Let's Be Clear on Glazing Substitutions

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