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At the Intersection of Fire Safety and Daylighting

The dynamic between compartmentation and transparency in commercial building design is vital in promoting occupant well-being. Fire-rated glazing solves the problem of restricted light transfer created by common fire-rated materials like concrete and gypsum. In fact, due to its ability to meet stringent fire-protective and fire-resistive codes across North America, today’s design professionals are increasingly incorporating it in modern building design. Learn more about how architects are using fire-rated glazing to promote transparency and bring fire safety in line with the daylighting design intent.

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Date Media Title
June 2020 Walls & Ceilings Magazine Fire-rated Glazing Sets Standard at High School
May 2020 Glass Magazine Advanced Protection: Fire-rated Glass and Glazing Manufacturers Push for Performance, Security and Aesthetics
April 2020 Commercial Architecture Grand Staircase: Carnegie Science Center
April 2020 USGlass Required Courses: School Safety and Security is Not an Elective
March 2020 Construction Canada Styling with Fire-rated Glass
Feb 2020 Building Enclosure Fire-rated Frames Support Environmental Center's Green Goals
June 2019 Door Security + Safety A Clear Solutuion for Tulsa Library
June 2019 Architects' Guide to Glass & Metal Delay, Delay, Delay!
May 2019 Glass Magazine Guide to Protective Glazing - Top Fire-Rated Glazing Trends
Mar 2019 Construction Canada At the Intersection of Fire Safety and Daylighting
Feb 2019 Building Safety Journal Fire-rated Glazing Systems in Modern Design
Sep 2018 Architectural Interiors: A Supplement of Architectural Record Reimagining Renovations: How Fire-Rated Glazing Can Transform Existing Buildings
Sep 2018 Pushing the Envelope: A Supplement of BD+C How Modern Steel Frames Are Advantageous for Fire-rated Systems
Sep 2018 Safe Solutions: A Glass Magazine Supplement Glaziers' Guide to Fire-rated Glass Assemblies
Sep 2018 Glass Magazine - TGP Supplement Safe Solutions
Sep 2018 Architectural Record - TGP Supplement Your Guide to Architectural Interiors with Fire-Rated Glass
June 2018 Clearer View: A Door Security + Safety Supplement 3 Dos & Don’ts: Fire-Rated Glass Door Specification Checklist
June 2018 Life Safety Digest Preventative Care: Fire Safety In Healthcare Facilities
June 2018 On Spec: A Supplement Of The Construction Specifier What You Need to Know About Fire-rated Glass & Framing
June 2018 On Spec: A Supplement Of The Construction Specifier Tips for Specifying Fire-rated Glazing
June 2018 The Construction Specifier - TGP Supplement On Spec: Understanding Fire-rated Glass & Framing
June 2018 Clearer View: A Door Security + Safety Supplement 5 Ways to Design Fire-rated Glass Doors in Style
June 2018 Door Security + Safety - TGP Supplement Clearer View: Understanding new Generation Fire-rated Glass Doors
Apr 2018 Glass Magazine Fire-Rated Glazing Breaks Down Design Barriers
Mar 2018 The Construction Specifier Advanced Fire-rated Glass Floor Systems are Afoot
Aug 2017 Life Safety Digest Healing Architecture: Role of Fire-rated Glazing in Healthcare Occupancies
Aug 2017 TGP Supplement: USGlass Your Guide to Fire-rated Glazing
Jul 2017 CNU Student Success Center Floored by Fire-rated Glass
May 2017 Construction Canada Specifying Fire-rated Glazing in Schools
May 2017 The Construction Specifier Fire-rated Curtain Wall Offers a Smoother Path to Safety
May 2017 Retrofit Grant Thornton Tower
Mar 2017 Glass magazine Three Things the Glass Industry Learned in 2016
Mar 2017 Life Safety Digest Fire-resistance-rated Glazing Makes the Grade in Educational Facilities (pg. 20)
Jan 2017 Glass Canada Modern Fire-rated Glazing Makes The Grade In Schools
Dec 2016 Life Safety Digest What’s New in Fire-rated Glazing
Dec 2016 Facility Management Fire-rated Glazing Advances Code-Driven Designs in Refurbishments
Oct 2016 Construction Canada Specifying Fire-rated Curtain Walls
Sep 2016 Doors and Hardware Myth Busting: Fire-rated Glass Doors
Aug 2016 The Construction Specifier Seven Questions to Ask When Specifying Fire-rated Glazing in Doors
July 2016 Healthcare Construction & Operations News Combining Privacy & Safety in Health Care Design
May 2016 The Construction Specifier Designing the Doughnut: Fulton Center and the Glass Oculus
Oct 2015 Construction Canada Floored by Glass: Application and Specification of Fire-rated Glass Floor Assemblies
Oct 2015 Glass Magazine Let's Be Clear on Glazing Substitutions

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