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Part of a system: how fire-resistant glazing plays a part in life-safety design

Life-safety design pertains to a building’s ability to protect its occupants from fire and other life-threatening emergencies. Many materials can contribute to life-safety designs, but some may limit ...

Answering the question: Why can't glass be fireproof?

Creating a safe environment for occupants is so important that councils and associations have developed building codes to ensure each building fulfills certain baseline requirements. In turn, independ...

Creating Safer Spaces: A Deep Dive into Bullet-Resistant Glass

In recent years, forced entry- and bullet-resistant glass have seen increased use in multiple occupancy types, from schools, banks, currency exchanges, police stations, embassies, military installatio...

Creating Clarity: Are There Disadvantages to Fire-Rated Glass?

Fire-rated glass allows designs that would have been difficult, if not impossible, decades ago. Whereas previously, fire- and life-safety code requirements were only achievable with opaque materials o...

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