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Keep up with the latest fire-rated and architectural glazing trends, along with the industry’s hottest topics, direct from the experts. Check them out here.

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Creating Clarity: Are There Disadvantages to Fire-Rated Glass?

Fire-rated glass allows designs that would have been difficult, if not impossible, decades ago. Whereas previously, fire- and life-safety code requirements were only achievable with opaque materials o...

MFG Day: Building the Manufacturing Community

Each year, the first Friday of October is MFG Day, and with it comes a series of events meant to explain the vital role manufacturing plays in our everyday lives: from the products we use to the commu...

Glass is in Session: Specifying Fire-Rated Glazing for Educational Settings

Due to the well-studied evidence that access to daylight supports academic success, glass has become a mainstay in school design. It can help bring light into a school’s interior and support the colla...

Achieving 24/7 Protection with Fire-Resistant Glazing

Towards the end of the 19th century, the building and insurance industries were at a crossroads—electricity had just begun brightening factories, stores and other commercial buildings, but it also pre...

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