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Keep up with the latest fire-rated and architectural glazing trends, along with the industry’s hottest topics, direct from the experts. Check them out here.

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Interview: Sustainability in the Works with Tim Weller

It’s an understatement to say a lot has changed on the green building front in the last 20 years. LEED went from being an acronym no one could define in the early 2000s to an accepted industry term. I...

Do Fire Doors Need to be Self-Closing?

Fire-rated doors and their proper use have recently come to the forefront in discussions about fire safety. As more people return to offices, commercial buildings and other public spaces, facility ope...

Commentary: What’s Ahead for Fire-rated Glazing?

Providing More Than Functional Value While today’s market conditions continue to impact the future of the built environment, fire- and life-safety codes have and will remain touchstones for building ...

Commentary: How Fire-rated Glass Floor Systems Support Daylighting Goals

Windows are by no means the only way to daylight a building. Skylights and atriums can effectively pull large amounts of natural light deep into a building’s interior, making them instrumental for day...

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