Fire + Security-Rated Glass

TGP’s fire- and security-rated glazing products support your safer building design. We’ve taken our knowledge as North America’s most specified fire-rated glass company and applied it to fire- and security-rated glazing. Create with confidence using our multifunctional, fire-rated glass products.

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Fire + Security-Rated Glass Solutions

Multifunctional, fire-rated glass is specially designed to guard against multiple threats to life safety. It helps prevent the spread of flames and smoke, and depending on product makeup, the transfer of radiant and conductive heat. It also provides forced-entry or ballistic resistance.

While many types of components can provide defense against fire or security threats, not all of them are compatible. Often security-rated materials are plastic-based and burn at greater speeds and intensity, surpassing fire test standards. Multifunctional, fire-rated glass sidelines this issue by using compatible parts that also allow full vision for aesthetic, daylighting and security purposes.

At TGP, we’ve spent nearly 40 years establishing a proven array of UL-classified and labeled fire-rated glazing products to help you harness the material’s one-of-a-kind potential. Now, we are using our glazing knowledge to help you meet security best-practice recommendations and code-driven fire and life safety. From ultra-clear, fire- and forced-entry rated glass ceramic products to transparent multifunctional, fire-rated glass lites that meet stringent security demands for windows and doors, these multifunctional, fire-rated glazing products are made with compatible components to meet building code requirements and enhanced security goals. Create with confidence using TGP’s multifunctional, fire-rated glazing products.



Case Study

Candy Lane Elementary

Secure entry vestibules help schools control access while maintaining free egress. When they incorporate security-rated glazing, they can be key to safer school design. However, some parts of a vestibule may be required to be fire-rated. Learn more about how an Oregon school solved both challenges with multifunctional, fire-rated glazing.

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