Matched Systems: A Uniform Look

TGP offers multiple fire-rated frames with sharp, crisp corners and the slender look of non-fire-rated frames to provide a close visual match between fire-rated and non-fire-rated curtain walls. Contact TGP for more information on how to create a uniform appearance between systems on your next project.

Bim 3D Model

A uniform look: matched fire-rated and non-rated framing systems

For many years, fire-rated window, door and curtain wall frames were bulky-wrap around affairs. Although functional in blocking fire and keeping people safe, they lacked the sleek aesthetic commonly available with non-fire-rated frames.

The challenge for many architects was achieving a close visual match between fire-rated frames and other framing systems within a building.

TGP has been a pioneer in offering solutions to this design challenge. From diverse projects such as an expansion of the Art Institute of Chicago to New York City’s Fulton Center transit hub, TGP has worked with building teams to develop fire-rated glass and framing systems that improve visual harmony with non-rated systems. Now, TGP offers multiple steel fire-rated frames with sharp, crisp corners and the slender look of non-fire-rated frames.

How we are bridging the gap

At TGP, we supply fire-rated frames that use inherently heat-resistant carbon steel and incorporate precise European engineering. It results in frames that are narrower than traditional hollow metal steel frames, with some offerings as narrow as 1 ¾ inches. Their slender profiles have well-defined corners and crisp edges. Since this same manufacturing method can be applied to non-rated steel frames, it can enable smoother visual integration with neighboring window and curtain wall applications. Further improving visual compatibility, there are many interior and exterior finish options and a wide range of mullion options. The appearance of these fire-rated frames can more closely complement an overall building design scheme.

The steel profiles can be painted or powder coated at the factory to match a particular design scheme and provide a durable, long-lasting finish. The exterior face caps that cover the pressure plates can be made of aluminum or stainless steel and finished in a matching color. There are even wood veneer frame members. The shape of the face cap can also be customized through aluminum extrusions to meet specific project needs. Explore the options in our cover cap design tool.

Fulton Center at a Glance

Take a tour of the Fulton Center’s closely matched fire-rated and non-fire-rated curtain wall systems.

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Our Solutions

TGP’s product development specialists have developed several complementary fire-rated glass and framing systems, including:

TGP also offers fire-rated glazing systems that emulate the appearance of non-rated structural silicone glazed assemblies and butt-glazed walls, including:

For more information on how to use these products to create a better visual match between fire-rated and non-fire-rated framing systems on your next project, contact your local territory manager or contact us at

Case Studies

See how design professionals are using TGP’s products to create a visual match between fire-rated and non-fire-rated systems.

The time, in minutes or hours, that materials or assemblies can be expected to prevent flames and smoke from spreading.

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