The Emerald


Case Study
FDNY Rescue Company 2

Brooklyn, NY

Architect: Studio Gang

Product: Fireframes Curtainwall® Series frames and Pilkington Pyrostop® fire-rated glass, Fireframes® Designer Series doors

Fire-Rated Glass, Curtain Wall Frames at FDNY Rescue Company 2

Located in Brooklyn's Brownsville neighborhood, the new Rescue Company 2 facility is an architecturally imaginative firehouse specifically tailored to meet the practical and professional needs of firefighters. It is designed as a tool for training, enabling FDNY's elite force of specialized rescue workers to stage and simulate a wide range of emergency conditions in, on, and around the building.

According to Studio Gang, the design team for the facility, "The rescue company is trained to respond to various emergency scenarios, from fire and building collapses to water rescues and scuba operations. During these emergencies, rescuers must often utilize voids in buildings, whether creating them to let heat and smoke out of a structure or locating them as a means of escape. To enhance the company's training, the new facility is organized around a large interior void, a space that extends from the ground to roof level. The void enables the team to practice rescue scenarios that mimic conditions common to the city, using its height and associated elements of balconies, bridge, doorways, ladders, and stairs. At the same time, it introduces natural light and fresh air, improving the quality of everyday life within the building." To accomplish this feat, nearly every aspect comes with dual purpose.

A system used within the firehouse is Technical Glass Products' (TGP) Fireframes® Curtainwall Series frames and Pilkington Pyrostop® fire-rated glass. An alternative to solid walls, the fire-rated curtain wall system provides clear sightlines to the interior void and safe openings for firefighters on the facility's second floor. Not only does this transparent system provide visual access, but it also blocks the spread of flames and smoke and protects against the transfer of radiant and conductive heat. Completing the system, full-lite Fireframes® Designer Series doors grant firefighters access to an elevated bridge. Additionally, fire-rated products from TGP can be found in other areas of the facility providing a barrier of protection against fire in areas of egress.

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