The Emerald


Case Study
Lincoln University, Grim Hall

Lincoln University, PA

Architect: Tevebaugh Associates

Product: FireLite® NT fire-rated glass ceramic with Fireframes® Designer Series doors


For the renovation of Lincoln University's Grim Hall life sciences building into a state-of-the-art computer facility, Tevebaugh Associates worked to provide students and faculty with improved life safety protection. Updating the 1925-era facility's fire-rated doors was an important component of the project.

Fire-rated doors have advanced significantly in the decades since Grim Hall was first built. Materials like steel and wired fire-rated glass are no longer the only options available for use in doors designated to meet fire and life safety building codes. For example, clear and wireless fire-rated glazing can now defend against fire and provide impact resistance for high traffic areas, without restricting visibility and light transfer.

To provide fire-rated doors with updated functionality in Grim Hall, the design team selected FireLite® NT ceramic glass with Fireframes® Designer Series fire-rated doors, both from Technical Glass Products (TGP). FireLite NT is strong, able to withstand the high heat of structural fires for up to three hours and resists shattering when cool water from fire sprinklers or fire hoses strikes the hot glass during a fire. It also meets the CPSC 16CFR 1201 (Category II) safety-glazing classification to provide the highest level of required impact safety. As such, the ceramic glass can withstand a force comparable to the impact of a full-grown, fast-moving adult.

Manufactured using TGP's ultraHD® Technology, FireLite NT features a clear and nearly colorless surface to better resemble the look of ordinary window glass and visually integrate with the school's non-fire-rated windows and doors. It also allows the doors to draw daylight into interior spaces, while protecting students and staff from the threat of fire.

Fireframes Designer Series fire-rated doors and frames feature narrow steel profiles that provide a sleek, modern alternative to traditional hollow metal steel frames. The frames can be powder coated to match desired project color schemes, and are available in stainless steel. The modular system is available with ratings up to 90 minutes and can be used with the FireLite family of glass products.

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