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Crystallized Glass Ceramic Panels






Neopariés is a technological breakthrough in surfacing materials. The panels are formed from glass that

has been crystallized, giving it a unique beauty and unparalleled performance. Compared to natural stone,

Neopariés panels are more reflective, more resistant to weather, water and abrasion, and significantly

lighter weight for comparable strength. Neopariés can easily be formed into curved panels.

Neopariés LT panels are thinner than standard Neopariés and have a smooth, uniform appearance.

Weather resistance and zero water absorption ensure the material will not be subject to staining, even

after years of exposure.

The uniform, marble-like appearance features a smooth, shiny surface

providing a timeless look. Neopariés is featured in four colors including

black, white, light grey and light beige. Neopariés LT is available in white

and features an ultra smooth and shiny surface.