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SteelBuilt Window
Door Systems incorporate
precise European engineering, providing a sleek,
modern alternative to traditional storefront and hollow
metal frames. Using narrow steel profiles, SteelBuilt
Door Systems exceed traditional frame
systems in aesthetics and performance. Fabricated in the
U.S.A., these frames offer a variety of hardware options
and are available in brushed stainless steel or powder
coated at the factory to match your desired color scheme.
SteelBuilt SG Curtainwall is a steel-based, structural
silicone glazed system that achieves a smooth,
monolithic exterior aesthetic. Structural silicone glazing
seals the building from the elements while transferring
wind load to the supporting structure and promotes sound
and heat insulation by eliminating unnecessary metal
and thermal breaks. Steel back members are narrow and
allow large areas of glass and greater free spans than are
possible with aluminum curtain wall systems. Steel back
members can be rectangular, tubular, I-, U-, T-shaped or
custom designed to meet your project.
SteelBuilt Family of Products
SG Curtainwall
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