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Think outside of the window frame: Pilkington Profilit
allows you to incorporate soaring walls of glass for
dramatic effect and maximum natural daylight. Perfect for
commercial and residential applications, the Pilkington
Profilit glazing system consists of unique, self-supporting
glass channels and an extruded aluminum perimeter
frame. The glass can be installed vertically or horizontally,
in lengths up to 23 feet. The glass is available in a variety
of colors and textures with varying translucency, allowing
for the passage of energy-efficient natural light without
the loss of privacy. For greater energy efficency, Lumira®
aerogel insulation can be added.
Pilkington Profilit is available in beautiful design options
including a variety of surface textures that range from
deep waves to no visible texture and colors featuring
transparent, opaque, standard cast, enameled, metallic
and low-iron choices. Optional functional coatings can
be applied to improve U-values and solar heat gain.
Sandblasting is also available for channel glass that doesn’t
feature a surface-applied specialty coating.
Pilkington Profilit Hurricane is the only tested and approved
hurricane impact channel glazing system in North America,
approved by Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida. It
can be used in applications below 30 feet with large missile
impact resistant requirements. Pilkington Profilit Hurricane
is energy efficient and provides excellent sound reduction. It
is dual glazed for exterior applications and is available with
optional Lumira® aerogel light transmitting insulation.
For a lower cost alternative for applications requiring impact-
rated glass in storm prone regions that are 30 feet or higher
above ground level, turn to Pilkington Profilit Hurricane LT. It
is the only tested and approved small missile impact resistant
channel glass system for use in North America.
Pilkington Profilit OW consists of an extruded perimeter
frame and self-supporting low-iron oxide cast glass channels.
The lower iron content allows for higher light and solar
transmission and a less green appearance than is typical of
standard glass. Pilkington Profilit OW is available in Standard
Cast, Wave and Macro textures and can be coated with Low-E,
Antisol® and Amethyst coatings. Pilkington Profilit OW can be
sandblasted for added privacy.
Pilkington Profilit
Channel Glass System
Pilkington Profilit
Pilkington Profilit
Pilkington Profilit
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