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Fireframes ClearFloor
Hardwood Series
Fireframes SG Curtainwall
Aluminum Series
This advanced glass floor system featuring Pilkington
Pyrostop® is impact-resistant and fire-rated for two
hours. Fireframes ClearFloor can be used as a durable,
non-slip walking surface, and is approved for loads up
to 150 psf. Classified and labeled with Underwriters
Laboratories (UL), the system is available for both
interior and exterior applications.
Nothing compares to the warmth and beauty of genuine
wood. Thanks to the Fireframes Hardwood Series, you
can incorporate wood doors and framing into your fire-
rated openings. Designed for maximum durability and
performance, the Fireframes Hardwood Series offers
an attractive alternative to traditional hollow metal
frames and are classified and labeled with UL and
ULC. Available with fire ratings from 20 to 60 minutes,
this system can incorporate a wide range of fire-rated
glazing materials with large glass sizes.
Create large, fire-rated glazed walls with the smooth,
monolithic appearance of a structural silicone glazed
system. This patented fire-rated toggle retention system
allows for rapid installation of fire-rated Pilkington
Pyrostop glass while being completely hidden once
installed. These features, combined with narrow steel
frames allow high strength, clean sightlines and up
to 120 minutes of fire resistance. These frames are
classified and labeled with UL and ULC and the system
is available for both interior and exterior applications.
Fireframes Aluminum Series combined with Pilkington
Pyrostop® glass provide a barrier to radiant and
conductive heat transfer, allowing unlimited areas of
glazing in fire separations. The system offers narrow
aluminum profiles unmatched by alternative systems.
Fabricated in the United States, the system may
incorporate Fireframes Designer Series or Fireframes
Heat Barrier Series doors by TGP. Now rated to 2 hours.
Fire-Rated Framing Products
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