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Fire-Rated Framing Products
Designer Series
Fireframes Designer Series doors and frames
incorporate precise European engineering,
providing a sleek, modern alternative to traditional
hollow metal frames. Using narrow steel profiles,
the Fireframes Designer Series system exceeds
traditional fire-rated frame systems in aesthetics
and performance. Available with fire ratings from 20
to 90 minutes, this system can incorporate a wide
range of fire-rated glazing materials with glass sizes
that surpass traditional systems. The system can
also include brushed stainless steel for aesthetics or
increased durability, with fire ratings up to 45 minutes.
Heat Barrier Series
Fireframes are revolutionizing fire-rated framing.
When combined with Pilkington Pyrostop
the Fireframes Heat Barrier Series doors and
frames provide a barrier to radiant and conductive
heat transfer. The system also allows fire doors to
incorporate large glass panels for aesthetic or security
reasons. Fireframes Heat Barrier Series doors and
frames carry fire ratings up to 2 hours.
Curtainwall Series
Fireframes Curtainwall Series allows for large,
multi-story expanses of glass in interior and
exterior applications. This system may incorporate
Fireframes Designer Series or Fireframes Heat Barrier
Series doors by TGP. Select profiles in this system are
available in brushed stainless steel for an additional
design option. With narrow steel profiles and fire ratings
from 45 to 120 minutes, Fireframes Curtainwall Series
frames are classified and labeled with UL and ULC.
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