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Laminated and Impact Safety-Rated FireLite Plus®

Snoqualmie, Wash. — Technical Glass Products (TGP) is pleased to offer FireLite Plus®, the laminated, impact safety-rated version of the wireless, fire-rated glass ceramic FireLite®. FireLite Plus meets the highest standard of impact safety for glass, CPSC 16CFR1201 Category II.

Listed with Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®, FireLite Plus carries fire ratings up to three hours in doors and up to 90 minutes in other applications. It passes the hose stream test during fire rating certification. Unlike some fire-rated glazing materials, the spray from sprinklers or extinguishers will not affect the performance of FireLite Plus.

FireLite Plus fits in standard fire-rated frames or TGP’s sleek, narrow profile Fireframes®. FireLite Plus is available as tested and listed in large sizes.

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