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Cut through the smoke and discover the latest news from Technical Glass Products in our Media Hub. Here we discuss building industry trends, showcase projects, provide news updates and keep our finger on the social pulse. Join in the conversation by posting comments and sharing your insights.

Are you a media professional? The media hub is a great place to find information related to fire-rated glass and framing systems, as well as specialty architectural glass products. Contact us for expert commentary, informative bylined articles, high quality photography, case studies, industry news and trends, and story idea brainstorming.

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Seven Questions to Ask When Specifying Fire-rated Glazing in Doors
Fire-rated glazed doors provide crucial fire protection, and today’s materials help support aesthetic goals. Key questions can help you select an appropriate product.
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Great Walls of Fire: Fire-rated Curtain Walls for Interior Separations
For design professionals interested in using the tough-yet-transparent form of fire-rated curtain walls to tackle project demands for interiors, learn what questions may arise during the specification process.
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News Releases

Fireframes SG Curtainwall® Series from TGP Allows for Smooth, Monolithic Fire-rated Glazed Walls
Technical Glass Products’ (TGP) new Fireframes SG Curtainwall® Series allows design professionals to create large, fire-rated glazed walls.

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Trulite Glass & Aluminum Expands Distribution of TGP’s Fire-Rated Products
Trulite and Technical Glass Products partner to expand fabrication and distribution of specialty fire-rated glass and frames.

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Learn more about recent projects and download the case studies.

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How Fire-rated Glazing Can Improve Daylighting Design

It’s no secret sunlight is scarce in Seattle during the winter months. Many of us leave for work in the dark, and return home when it’s even darker. If we get a chance to step outside midday, odds are good the sky is gray and rain clouds imminent. Since this gloomy weather forces many of us Seattleites indoors for extended time periods, we particularly appreciate good daylighting design in the winter. Read More »

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