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A Clearer View of Fire-rated Glazing Systems

Fire-rated glass is increasingly available as part of comprehensive glass and framing systems, instead of only as individual components. Multifunctional and sophisticated, these advanced systems work together to help building teams achieve a higher level of performance.

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Date Media Title
Aug 2016 The Construction Specifier Seven Questions to Ask When Specifying Fire-rated Glazing in Doors
July 2016 Healthcare Construction & Operations News Combining Privacy & Safety in Health Care Design
May 2016 The Construction Specifier Designing the Doughnut: Fulton Center and the glass oculus
Oct 2015 Construction Canada Floored by Glass: Application and Specification of Fire-rated Glass Floor Assemblies
Oct 2015 Glass Magazine Let's Be Clear on Glazing Substitutions
Aug 2015 American School & Hospitality Family Fire & Life Safety: Preparation is Key
Dec 2014 Construction Canada Cutting Through the Smoke: Understanding Fire-rated Glazing in Commercial Applications
Nov 2014 The Construction Specifier More Great Walls of Fire: Fire-rated Curtain Walls for Exterior Separations
Nov 2014 The Construction Specifier Great Walls of Fire: Fire-rated Curtain Walls for Interior Separations
Oct 2014 Construction Executive 10 FAQs on Advanced Steel Framing Applications
Jul 2014 Life Safety Digest A Clearer View of Fire-rated Glazing Systems (pg. 19)
May 2014 USGlass 5 Things To Do To Ensure a Successful Fire-rated Glazing Installation (pg. 42)
Feb 2014 The Construction Specifier An Advanced Frame of Mind: Next Generation Framing for Energy-Efficient Glazing (pg. 38)
Jan 2014 Architectural Products Opening Up Curtainwall Options (Jan. 2014, pg. 34)
Nov 2013 Glass Magazine Curtain Walls of Steel: Protective Features To Consider When Working With Steel Frames
Aug 2013 The Construction Specifier More than a Pretty Facade: Specifying with Channel Glass (pg. 18)
Jul 2013 Construction Canada Developing a Clearly Better Building Envelope (pg. 38)
Jun 2013 Top Glass Channel Glass Creates a Glowing Welcome for the Community (pg. 6)
Jun 2013 Architectural Products Architects are Turning to Fire-rated Manufacturers Early in the Design Process (pg. 24)
May 2013 USGlass New Schools Embrace Safety, While Updates to Existing Schools Lag (pg. 10)
May 2013 Glass Magazine Surviving the VE Challenge
Apr 2013 Glass Magazine Glass & Metals 401
Apr 2013 Architectural Products Specialty Steel Curtainwall Sets Stage (pg. 84)
Apr 2013 Architects' Guide to Glass & Metal Big on Design – San Diego Courthouse (pg. 14)
Mar 2013 Architects' Guide to Glass & Metal For Architects, Taking the Time to Understand Fire-rated Glazing Can Ensure Success (pg. 18)

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