Fire-rated glass and framing products from Technical Glass Products (TGP)


TGP Fire-Rated Glazing
Products and LEED

Technical Glass Products' fire-rated glass and framing systems can help building and design teams earn credits in the current (2009) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)® for New Construction and Major Renovations*. While there is no guarantee that LEED credits will be awarded by using TGP products in your project, it is possible they can help contribute towards the following:

Category Credit TGP Solution TGP Products
Energy and Atmosphere (EA) Credit 1 - Optimize Energy Performance TGP offers fire-rated glazing products that incorporate high performance coatings and thermally efficient steel framing systems that help attain energy efficiency requirements.
  • Pilkington Pyrostop® IGU
  • FireLite® IGU
  • Fireframes® Curtainwall Series
Materials and Resources (MR) Credit 4 - Recycled Content TGP's glass and framing products incorporate recycled content materials, thereby reducing impacts resulting from extraction and processing of virgin materials. Please contact TGP for recycled contact values
Materials and Resources (MR) Credit 7 – Certified Wood TGP's Fireframes Hardwood Series doors and frames can meet environmentally responsible forest management criteria. Select Fireframes Hardwood Series doors and frames; contact TGP for details
Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit 4.2 – Low- emitting Materials – Paints and Coatings TGP's framing systems feature low/non-emitting finishes to assure indoor air quality.
  • Fireframes Designer Series
  • Fireframes Curtainwall Series
  • Fireframes Aluminum Series
Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit 4.4 – Low-emitting Materials, Composite wood TGP's Hardwood Series products can help reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and well-being of installers and occupants. Select TGP's Fireframes Hardwood Series doors and frames; contact TGP for details
Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit 8.1 -Daylight and Views, Daylight TGP’s fire-rated glass and frames can help to attain daylighting requirements. All fire-rated products
Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit 8.2 -Daylight and Views, Views TGP's fire-rated glass and frames can help provide building occupants with a connection to the outdoors through the introduction of views into regularly occupied areas of the building. All fire-rated products

Thermal performance is an essential aspect of green building and obtaining LEED certification. TGP offers insulated glass units with low-e coatings for increased thermal performance as a part of the FireLite® and Pilkington Pyrostop® product lines. These coatings achieve the Department of Energy definitions for spectrally selective glazing (ratio of light transmission to SHGC). TGP also offers thermally enhanced fire-rated steel frames to help reduce heat flow and improve thermal performance.

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