Fire-rated glass and framing products from Technical Glass Products (TGP)


Fire-rated glass and framing products from Technical Glass Products (TGP)
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60/120 Minute Fire-Rated, Safety-Rated Glass Floor System

This advanced glass floor system is impact-resistant and fire-rated for two hours. This system can be used as a durable, non-slip walking surface approved for 150 psf. It is available for interior and some exterior applications. Please contact TGP to learn if this system can be installed in an exterior application in your area.

60/120 Minutes

Fire-rated Hose Stream Tested Heat Barrier Load Bearing UL Listed and Labeled

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  • Fire-rated for up to two hours
  • Allows glazing in spaces that previously would have required alternative opaque fire-stopping materials like concrete and corrugated steel
  • Consists of two-hour fire-rated Pilkington Pyrostop® glass; a tempered, laminated walking surface glass; and a steel framing grid
  • Brings daylight deep into building interiors, creating dramatic visual effects between different building levels
  • Individual glass panel sizes are approximately 48" x 50"
  • Protection against radiant and conductive heat transfer
  • Barrier to fire and smoke
  • Durable, non-slip walking surface
  • Modular system enables design creativity
  • Replacement of individual walking surface panels in case of impact breakage
  • Allows for decorative color frits and sandblasted glass without affecting fire rating
  • For use in interior and/or some exterior applications


Classified and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.® as file number BXUV.C901 and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada as CIKV7.R25274-C901. Tests performed in accordance with ASTM E-119, CAN/ULC-S101, UL 263 and NFPA 251.  Approved for use in Los Angeles: LARR 25798.

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