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What specific products do you recommend for consideration in schools requiring fire protection?

To select the best fire-rated glazing product for a given school, we recommend breaking down applications by their required fire and impact safety protection, performance and design standards.

Fire protection
In non-impact areas required to provide fire protection, we recommend FireLite® fire-rated glass ceramic. At only 3/16” thick, it easily fits into new or existing fire-rated frames to integrate with design schemes and save labor costs from custom orders. It can be cut locally throughout the U.S. and Canada for quick delivery.

Fire protection and impact safety
For high traffic, “hazardous” locations that previously used wired glass to provide fire protection, we recommend FireLite Plus®. It meets the CPSC 16 CFR 1201 (Category II) impact requirements. The high impact laminating materials are sandwiched between two lites of clear glass ceramic, so both exposed surfaces are durable. FireLite Plus can also be cut with normal glass cutting tools, which means it can be delivered quickly from school maintenance personnel or local glazing contractors.

WireLite® NT is another alternative. This 1/4” thick product is composed of wired glass and a high performance, fire-rated surface-applied film that allows it to meet Category I and II impact levels—which earlier forms of wired, fire-rated glass were not able to do. As with any glass product using a surface-applied film, a best practice is to install it in areas where heavy use or high traffic will not mar or damage its surface-applied film.

Protection against heat transfer
For areas requiring fire-resistance-rated construction (materials that block heat transfer during a fire), we recommend Pilkington Pyrostop®. It is available in a broad range of make-ups for interior and exterior use, with ratings from 45- to 120-minutes. It passes the fire and hose stream tests and blocks significant amounts of heat. This extra layer of defense can buy extra time for students and faculty to safely exit busy educational facilities even if a fire should rage on the opposite side of the glass. In addition, since Pilkington Pyrostop offers up to Category II impact safety ratings, it is suitable for fire-resistant applications requiring impact safety protection.

When using fire-resistance-rated glazing such as Pilkington Pyrostop, it’s important to remember the selected framing must also function as a barrier to heat transfer and meet ASTM E- 119 and UL 263 test requirements. The IBC requires all glass and frame components to have the same or greater ratings than the required code minimums to ensure the entire assembly provides the same level of defense during a fire. TGP offers a broad range of sleek, fire-rated frames that meet ASTM E-119 and UL 263 standards, including Fireframes® Heat Barrier Series, Fireframes® Aluminum Series, Fireframes® Hardwood Series and Fireframes® Curtainwall Series.

Bullet resistance
In fire-rated applications where bullet resistance is desirable to improve school safety, we recommend Pilkington Pyrostop fire-resistant glass. It is available with up to Level III bullet resistance ratings, without the flammability issues that may come from some security glazing products in fire conditions. The composite layers in many traditional bullet-resistant glass are flammable, potentially causing further injury and property damage in a fire.

In schools where it is important to support student and teacher wellbeing through daylighting design, we recommend using advanced glazing products like Pilkington Pyrostop that pass the test standards for solid walls and are not restricted to 25 percent of the total wall area. Building teams can use such glazing in interior and exterior floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall or multi-story curtain wall applications while protecting students and property from the high heat generated by building fires. For more efficient solar energy management, it is available with fire-rated insulated glass units (IGUs) incorporating tinted or low emissivity glass.

Fire-rated glass floor systems are also available to transmit daylight in applications requiring a code-approved fire barrier between floors. Products such as the Fireframes ClearFloor® System can facilitate views and increase admissible daylight while supporting structural loads and blocking flames, smoke and heat.

Fire-rated frame aesthetics
Building and design teams can now select from numerous fire-rated glazing systems that align with a school’s overall design theme. Whether it is important to complement non-fire-rated frames or make a design statement, we recommend selecting slender fire-rated framing systems with well-defined corners and crisp edges. Options include the Fireframes® Heat Barrier Series, Fireframes® Designer Series, Fireframes® Aluminum Series, Fireframes® Hardwood Series and Fireframes® Curtainwall Series. The narrow-profile frames can be custom painted or powder coated to match virtually any color scheme, and are available with finished stainless steel or aluminum custom cover caps to provide design professionals with even greater aesthetic flexibility.

In areas where a frame-free exterior surface is desirable, we recommend the Fireframes SG Curtainwall® Series. Its toggle retention system becomes completely hidden once installed, creating a seamless, uninterrupted surface appearance.

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