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Hot Topics - What's New in Fire-Rated Glass & Framing

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TGP is dedicated to providing architects and designers with industry-leading architectural and fire-rated glazing products, industry news, and design ideas to make your job easier. We are pleased to introduce two new in-person educational presentations, as well as the addition of a Sustainable Design Credit to our popular daylighting course "A Bright Future: Daylighting For Tomorrow's Buildings." Take a sneak preview of our newest fire-rated product, Fireframes ClearFloor™, and read about the latest in daylighting, fire-rated glazing and more in this edition of Hot Topics.

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Attend a lunch presentation in your area on fire-rated glazing or daylighting design. Fire-rated course participants receive one AIA HSW Learning Unit Credit. Daylighting design participants receive one AIA HSW and Sustainable Design Learning Unit Credit.

The courses can also be completed online for AIA credit. Click:
  Fire-rated glazing
  Daylighting design

TGP Expands Educational Resources

Beginning this year, TGP will offer design professionals an even wider range of information and continuing education on the latest glazing product applications and innovations, IBC code updates and related topics. Three distinct levels of in-person architectural presentations are available to meet your firm's specific needs: TGP Grab & Go™, TGP In-Office™, and TGP University™.

TGP Grab & Go is a brief on-site, open project or topic-based meeting for architects and designers. Ideal for small groups, TGP Grab & Go is designed to meet the specific project needs of architects.

TGP In-Office provides architects with an in-person presentation as they complete an AIA-registered course on daylighting or fire-rated glass.

TGP University is presented as a forum to bring the latest product and topic updates to a more diverse audience of architects, glazing contractors, building officials, and engineers.

To learn more about TGP's information and educational resources, visit us online.

Daylighting Course Qualifies For AIA Sustainable Design Learning Unit Hour

TGP is proud to report that its daylighting course, "A Bright Future: Daylighting For Tomorrow's Buildings," is now registered with the AIA for 1.0 Health, Safety, and Welfare and Sustainable Design learning unit hour. As of 2009, the AIA requires all members to complete four Continuing Education Units of Sustainable Design to help increase the quality and quantity of environmentally responsible projects.

The course, which was originally registered with the AIA for a 1.0 Health, Safety, and Welfare learning unit, helps educate architects and designers on the benefits, challenges, and common issues surrounding daylighting.

Qualified architectural firms can request the daylighting course from TGP In-Office, an AIA-registered in-person presentation, or complete the course online to receive credit. Participants completing the in-person and online courses can earn credits for both.

New Expert Resource for Steel Framing

TGP is pleased to announce the addition of Chuck Knickerbocker, curtainwall design expert, to its architectural resource team. With over 25 years of experience, Chuck has successfully worked with a variety of architects, owners and subcontractors from development of schematic design through installation. His extensive experience and commitment to the field offers architects and designers cutting-edge solutions.

Prior to joining TGP, Chuck was a senior consultant at Curtainwall Design and Consulting (CDC) in Dallas. His accomplishments include leading the design, engineering and shop and fabrication drawings for eight custom wall systems in the Clinton Presidential Library, along with work on condos, office buildings, and numerous other domestic and international projects. Contact Chuck at

TGP - Fire Rated

Stopping the Heat: A Look at Ceramic Glass and Transparent Wall Panels

Office gains sophistication and fire protection from FireLite® fire-rated ceramic glass

Pilkington Pyrostop™ helps block the transfer of radiant heat to protect building occupants in the Discovery World museum, Milwaukee, WI.

Effective building compartmentation plays a key role in protecting people from fire. Unfortunately, incorrect use of fire-rated glazing puts individuals and property at risk. When designing for aesthetic appeal and fire and impact-safety, it's important to be aware of the performance characteristics of two notable types of fire-rated glazing: ceramic glass and transparent wall panels.

Ceramic glass offers the clear and wireless look of ordinary window glass and is the standard for many fire-rated glazing applications. Depending on the product make-up, it can offer fire-ratings for up to 90 minutes (3 hours in doors), high impact safety ratings, sound reduction and other performance benefits. However, ceramic glass does not block the transfer of radiant and conductive heat. As a result, it should not be used in instances where it is necessary to protect people and equipment from high heat.

For exit corridors, stairwells, and rooms with heat sensitive equipment, transparent wall panels may be more appropriate. Products in this category can be installed from floor to ceiling, and wall-to-wall, and are tested to the same standards as solid walls. Transparent wall panels offer fire ratings up to two hours and block the spread of flames and smoke, as well as heat transfer.

Technical Glass Products offers architects a wide selection of both ceramic glass and transparent wall panels to help meet specific project needs. Our FireLite® ceramic glass is fire-rated for up to 90 minutes (three hours in doors) and passes the mandatory hose stream test. Pilkington Pyrostop™ is a transparent wall panel that offers impact-ratings and provides protection against radiant and conductive heat transfer.

To learn more about FireLite fire-rated ceramics and Pilkington Pyrostop transparent wall panels, visit our Web site. For a local distributor in your area, contact us or visit

Fireframes ClearFloor™ allows light deep into interior spaces.

Fireframes ClearFloor™ Enhances Life Safety and Daylighting Capabilities

TGP is proud to announce that we're adding Fireframes ClearFloor™ to our fire-rated glazing line in 2009. The advanced glass floor system is impact-resistant and fire-rated for two hours - the only glazed floor system in the United States with that level of protection.

Fireframes ClearFloor allows glazing in spaces that previously would have required alternative opaque fire-stopping materials like concrete and corrugated steel. Its non-slip walking surface is durable, approved for loads up to 150 psf., and will allow daylight to penetrate deep into building interiors. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the patent-pending system is available for both interior and exterior applications.

Visit for more information in the coming months.

TGP - Architectural

Alternative Daylighting Techniques Achieve Better End Results

Pilkington Profilit™ channel glass brightens up stairwell.

When it comes to reducing energy use and providing people with a visually stimulating environment, daylighting is among the most vital techniques in commercial and residential design. Yet, improperly executed, daylighting can lead to glare, heat gain or loss, or inadequate system performance. Three potential strategies for avoiding these problems are: 1) incorporate alternative glazing, 2) consider the role of framing, and 3) implement both interior and exterior design techniques.

Incorporate alternative glazing: Channel glass is one alternative to traditional glazing that architects are increasingly specifying to reduce sun glare and heat gain or loss. The "U"-shaped cast-glass channels are mounted in a frame and can extend uninterrupted up to 23 feet vertically, and nearly unlimited horizontally. Such large spans of glazing capture large amounts of natural light, and the channels -which come with varying translucency, color and texture- provide warm, diffuse and glare-free light for interior spaces. To reduce heat bridging, designers can incorporate insulating areogel into the overlapping channels.

Consider the role of framing: To improve clarity of sightlines and reduce cast shadows, designers may want to specify steel window, door and curtainwall framing. Steel framing is about three times stiffer than aluminum, more slender and conducts less heat. With steel framing, designers can create larger glazed free spans with fewer framing members.

Implement both interior and exterior design techniques: Combine interior and exterior design techniques to enhance the effectiveness of your daylighting design. Integrate translucent glazing and strong, slender framing with open interiors, sunshades, light shelves, and automated lighting systems to achieve the best overall end result.

TGP offers a number of products to help expand your daylighting designs, including Pilkington Profilit™ channel glass and SteelBuilt Curtainwall® Systems.

Corporate headquarters uses SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ to help bring sunlight indoors.

SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ Lets the Sun Shine into Northwest Headquarters

To create aesthetic appeal, broaden views of the surrounding landscape and allow larger spans of glass for daylighting, Callison Architects, Seattle, Washington, used SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity in the entryway of an integrated office and manufacturing facility in the Pacific Northwest. The versatility of the SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity system allowed the architects to choose a narrow, steel frame with artistic holes drilled into the back mullion, while its strength allowed them to incorporate oversized glass to capture more natural light for interior spaces.

With the SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity System, architects can use virtually any type of structural framing member as a back mullion. To learn more, visit

Request for Photography

If you have a recent project that incorporated our products (such as Pilkington Pyrostop™, Fireframes®, FireLite® family of products, Pilkington Profilit™ or Neoparies®), we would like to see it. Simply e-mail snapshots and a brief description to Your work could be featured in a case study in Hot Topics or in a national publication.

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