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Hot Topics - What's New in Fire-Rated Glass & Framing

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TGP takes pride in providing architects and designers with current information on fire-rated and architectural products, news from the glazing industry, and design ideas. We are pleased to announce that you are now able to research our product lines through BIMWORLD™, and that we now offer our AIA-registered course on fire-rated glass and framing online through our Web site Read more about these new tools, along with our newest product, SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™, in this edition of Hot Topics.

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Attend a lunch presentation in your area on fire-rated glazing or daylighting design and receive One AIA HSW Learning Unit Credit.

Fireframes Curtainwall 3-D Image in BIMWORLD™

TGP Products Now Listed In BIMWORLD™

Recognizing that Building Information Modeling (BIM) software is a growing segment in computer-aided design, we invite you to visit BIMWORLD™ to obtain design and specification data on a variety of our products. For architects working with BIM, there you'll find information on fire-rated glass and framing such as Pilkington Pyrostop™, FireLite®, and Fireframes®, as well as SteelBuilt Curtainwall™ Systems.

And, as always, you can contact us at or call 800-426-0279 for additional information or for rapid-response quotes.

TGP - Fire Rated

TGP AIA-Registered Course Now Online

For years TGP has worked closely with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to help educate architects and designers on the benefits and features of fire-rated glazing products. The video, Burning Issues: Understanding Today's Fire Rated Glass & Framing, is used as an educational tool in AIA's Continuing Education System (AIA/CES), providing participants with 1.0 Health, Safety and Welfare learning unit hour. The video presents the various categories of fire-rated glass products and advises how to determine which materials are suitable for a given application. It also addresses design innovations in fire-rated glazing materials, the impact of code changes to improve product safety, and the effect of security concerns.

To improve accessibility to the course, it can now be completed entirely online at our Web site.

As before, the course can also be presented directly to your firm in person through our lunch and learn presentations. Call 888-397-FIRE (3473) or click to schedule a presentation with a TGP Representative in your area.

AIA-Registered Course Available at

Product SpeciFIRE®: Updated Tool for Specifying Fire-Rated Glazing Now Available

With so many fire-rated glazing options on the market today, it can be complicated to keep track of new product information. TGP has recently updated the Product SpeciFIRE®, a tool that allows for ready identification of the appropriate glass and framing for a given fire rating and performance criteria. By answering simple questions, design professionals can use the SpeciFIRE to determine which products are suitable for a specific application, including needs such as impact safety, blockage of heat, and energy efficiency.

Newly designed, SpeciFIRE portrays all 13 of the fire-rated glass and framing options offered by Technical Glass Products, from the FireLite® family of ceramic glass to Pilkington Pyrostop™ transparent wall units.

Product SpeciFIRE®

The updated SpeciFIRE is available as a convenient pocket tool. Visit our Information Request page and select "Fire-Rated Product Literature" to receive a hard copy of the SpeciFIRE by mail. An online tool will also be available soon at

Pilkington Pyrostop™ glass
and Fireframes® frames.


Making the Right Choice: A Look At Polished vs. Unpolished Ceramic Glass

Ceramic has long been known for its outstanding heat tolerance, making it a well suited glazing material for fire-rated applications. When specifying fire-rated ceramic glass, it is important to consider the surface finish. Polished ceramics are finish ground on both surfaces so that the end product is nearly distortion free. Unpolished ceramics, however, have some visible distortion, similar to the wavy look of antique plate glass. Such distortion can draw unnecessary attention to the glass and detract from its overall aesthetics.

Due to the polishing process, polished ceramic is the higher priced product, but provides the greatest clarity. Such premium polished ceramic glazing can offer visible light transmission of approximately 88%, with approximate visible reflection of 9%.

Technical Glass Products is the only source in North America offering polished, virtually distortion-free fire-rated ceramic glass. Our FireLite® ceramic glass is fire-rated for up to 3 hours in doors (90 minutes in other applications) and passes the required hose stream test. The glazing is also available in large sizes and can be installed in standard fire-rated frames.




FireLite products are available in three distinct surface grades: standard, premium and obscure. Standard grade provides an unpolished surface and has a slight surface distortion while maintaining a clear view. Premium grade is ground and polished for high clarity. Obscure features a patterned surface for translucency, suited for applications requiring a degree of privacy.

To learn more about FireLite fire-rated ceramics, visit our Web site. For a local distributor in your area, contact us or visit

International Code Council (ICC) Upholds Hose Stream Test Requirements

As in years past, for the 2008 round of code reviews, several proposals were submitted to the ICC to remove or lessen the hose stream test requirements for fire-rated glazing in the International Building Code (IBC). Following review and discussion of the proposals, the ICC in February rejected the proposals. By these actions and past actions, the ICC continues to validate the hose stream test as an important part of testing requirements for fire-rated glazing.

The hose stream test helps ensure that fire-rated glazing, hot from a fire, will remain in place if sprayed with water from sprinklers or fire hoses. It is required for fire ratings of 45 minutes or longer in the United States and for all fire ratings in Canada, and provides a method for evaluating the integrity of materials and constructions, and eliminates inadequate materials.

TGP products such as FireLite® and Pilkington Pyrostop™ pass the mandatory hose stream test, while some specially tempered glass marketed as having a 45- or 60-minute fire rating does not. When specifying a product, verify that it complies with the hose stream test requirement to avoid unnecessary risk or potential liability.

If you have any questions regarding the appropriate fire-rated glazing required for your application, contact us at or 800-426-0279.

Pilkington Pyrostop™ passes
the required hose stream test.

TGP - Architectural

SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ Expands Design Flexibility with Nearly Limitless Back Mullion Profiles

The SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ series opens up a whole new realm of design possibilities by offering back mullions of virtually any profile, including I-, T-, U- and L-shapes. Like SteelBuilt Curtainwall™ Systems, the SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity series utilizes the superior strength of steel, allowing architects and designers to use larger areas of glass, smaller frame profiles and wider free-spans than is possible with traditional aluminum curtainwall assemblies. The system can use as a back mullion almost any type of framing member that can bear the load of the curtainwall, including stainless steel and glulam beams. The back mullion can be adapted to meet nearly any required engineering loads, including high wind loads and large glass panes. Materials and profile shapes integral to a building's overall design may now be incorporated, allowing the curtainwall to better complement a building's surrounding design and materials.

The SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity series is a dramatic improvement over traditional aluminum curtainwall assemblies, which are typically limited to square-tube back mullions, creating performance limitations, as well as a visual break between the main structure and the curtainwall. The exterior cover caps and interior back mullions of SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity series frames can also be made from stainless steel, an increasingly popular material incorporated throughout building designs. To learn more, visit the SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity page at or contact

SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™

Request for Photography

If you have a recent project that incorporated our products (such as Pilkington Pyrostop™, Fireframes®, FireLite® family of products, Pilkington Profilit™ or Neoparies®), we would like to see it. Simply e-mail snapshots and a brief description to Your work could be featured in a case study in Hot Topics or in a national publication.


Decorative Glass Goes Beyond Just Providing Good Looks

In many designs, the materials used play a large role in bringing a project to life. TGP offers several unique decorative glass options to complement your designs, or that can be a key visual element.


Aquaglass is a carbonated glazing material containing tiny air bubbles trapped inside the glass. The air bubbles reflect light at many different angles, creating depth and eye-catching effects. The material can be illuminated from the edges or used as a translucent panel. Aquaglass can be used in partitions, doors, sidelights, transoms and tabletops.


Glass Ore is translucent hand-cast glass brick with the width and texture of a traditional masonry brick. When illuminated from behind or underneath, Glass Ore can add dramatic changes to any room or area. The material can be used in interior or exterior applications making it ideal for walls, monuments, walkways, borders and accents.


Veluna is luminescent glass that radiates a gentle greenish-blue glow in a darkened room. With at least 20 minutes of exposure to either fluorescent or natural light, Veluna will glow for more than an hour. The material is available in photo luminescent panels or bricks. Veluna is ideal for use in exit corridors, outdoor walkways, stairwells, nightclubs and decorative accents.

For more information on TGP's decorative glass options, visit

Technical Glass Products
600 6th Street South
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