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Fire-rated Glazing Industry Ripe for Innovation

A few days ago, I read an article about a young architect in Toronto named Tom Ngo, who is developing a reputation for producing architectural drawings that “gleefully ignore reality.” Although some critique his logic-defying concepts—it is impossible to build structures with candy-cane like stilts and support stairwells with air—I was reminded of the value of unconventional thinking. If we never question the status quo or explore new methods, we will be left with a narrow view of the field that ultimately hinders forward progress. As Ngo so aptly states,  "Our preconception of what is favorable and by extension beautiful in architecture and design is a problem in and of itself."

While we may not all be Tom Ngo, we can respond to his challenge to push our respective crafts outside the limits of comfort and orthodoxy, and go beyond the presumed logic of our fields. Twenty-five years ago, it was hard to see past the limitations of wired fire-rated glass. Now the industry is producing advanced products like fire-rated glass floors and fire-rated curtain walls with the appearance of structural silicone glazing. Imagine where the glazing industry could be in another twenty-five years.     

Let’s continue to work to overcome the misconception that fire-rated glazing forces a compromise on aesthetics. And if your creative juices aren’t flowing, maybe this comic will help.