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Looking for a candid resource on all things fire-rated? Interact, discuss and gain new insights on trends, codes and design solutions for the fire-rated glass and framing industry.

Five Things You Can Expect From This Blog

I believe successful relationships start with clear expectations – even digital ones built on fire-rated glass and framing. No one wants to read a blog that’s really a cloaked sales pitch. Or spend more time hearing about someone’s kids than what you actually came to the site to read about. So, out of all fairness, if you’re going to lend me valuable minutes out of your day, here is what you can expect from my posts. 1. Fire-rated glazing insights, not breaking news There are plenty of talented media professionals who already cover the latest in fire-rated glazing, and they do it quite well. (Glass magazine, USGlass, Architectural Products, Building Design + Construction…need I keep going?) So, while I may occasionally write about news relevant to the fire and life safety industry, the main point of this blog is to be a useful resource on trends, building codes, and design solutions. I may also include the occasional tirade, but the goal is to help you meet your fire-rated glazing needs more effectively. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but as a third generation “glass industry” family member who has spent the greater portion of his professional life working in the field, I’ve certainly had the time to develop a few – not always easily learned – insights into the trade. 2. No sales speak I’ll do my best to call it as I see it and steer clear of sales speak. If I do write about a new product or upcoming project, then it’s not just because it’s new or exciting (although it may be to me), but because I believe it has the potential to help reshape the way the architecture and glazing communities approach fire-rated glass and framing design. 3. A two-way street I don’t want to talk at you – I want to generate discussion. Why? Because in my experience, the best way to build upon and expand one’s own perspectives is through an open dialogue. Please comment, ask questions, post ideas, share, or link. 4. Less than three minutes of your time We’re all busy. I get it. So, whether it’s thoughts, graphics, statistics, or images, I’ll do my best to keep your estimated blog post reading time under three minutes. 5. The option to read it how you want Since time is at a premium these days, I wanted to make sure you have the option to read this blog when and how you want. You can read it online, or by subscribing through RSS. All you need to do is click on the RSS icon at the bottom of this page to get the latest blog and news updates at your convenience. With all that said… Thanks for lending me your ears on this journey. I don’t take your time lightly. I’ll do my best to deliver knowledgeable, forward-thinking content – so let me know what you think. What topics do you want to discuss through this blog?