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How Fire-rated Glazing Can Improve Daylighting Design

Fired Up Blog | Fire-Rated Glazing To Improve Daylighting [More]

Push to Remove Old School Wired Glass in Canada

Learn about the risks that fire-rated wired glass in Canadian schools pose to students and how schools no longer have to choose fire safety over impact safety. [More]

Fire Safety Lessons from Our Lady of the Angel School Fire

Discover the fire safety insights found from the fire in Chicago's Our Lady of the Angel school including fire detection, suppression and building compartmentation.

Can the Glass Industry Benefit from ASHRAE's WWR Proposal?

The glass industry's been buzzing about the ASHRAE 189.1 proposal for the greater part of the summer [More]

What is "Operation School Burning”?

Like many fire and life safety studies, “Operation School Burning” was designed to investigate methods for providing a safer environment for occupants during a fire. Where it differs is that the fire tests were conducted in an actual school building. Over the course of a three month testing period... [More]